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"A chicken in every pot and an animated GIF on every page."


    I want to reach as broad an audience as possible with this site, and I know that lots of people can't see pages that feature fancy technologies like Java, JavaScript, or frames. The latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator require 32 MB of RAM -- 32 MB! --and a computer that costs a few months' salary in most parts of the world.

    Then there's the speed issue. There are lots of 14,400-bps modems still in use, and most people pay for Internet access by the minute. So anything I can do to speed downloads redounds to their benefit -- and by extension, mine.

    That's why my site is almost entirely text-based and easy to read in any browser -- even Lynx. If you come across something that doesn't look right on your computer, please let me know.

    (You can learn more about my philosophy of Web design by looking at some guidelines I drew up for a client.)

Tools and server

    This site was created mostly with AbiWord, running on Yellow Dog Linux on an iBook. The files are stored on the Mac partition, which is also visible to the Linux side. It's quite a cozy set-up: I'm running Apache on the Linux partition, allowing me to test out the Server-Side Includes as I go, but can still use BBEdit on the Mac OS when I need to do complex site-wide HTML tasks. Once files are on the server, I'll sometimes tweak them with Pico.

    The server is an AMD K-2/400 under my kitchen table, running Apache and sendmail on Red Hat Linux, and connected to the rest of the world via a 128K DSL uplink (soon to become faster, I hope!). Most of the fancy system administration is courtesy of Doug Muth.

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