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* Web design and implementation *

Scene 3: At the beautician's

Madge: So -- does this Tom do Web stuff as well?

Beautician: You're soaking in it!

Yup, I designed and implemented this site, from the structure right down to the goofy animated GIFs. I also designed and host:

I have some strong beliefs about Web site design, among them:
  • Design for the lowest common denominator. If a site is intended for wide viewing, it should be readable in a text-only browser, such as Lynx.
  • The design must serve the data, not the other way around.
  • Remember that most of the world pays for Internet access by the minute, and keep page sizes small.
  • Good, solid design skills are irreplaceable.
  • Always offer a way out.
I live by these rules where I can, but realize they should be bent for special audiences: intranets on which everyone is using a particular browser, for instance, or sites aimed at JavaScript programmers.

But one thing every site needs is standards, and one unusual service I offer is the codification of enterprise-wide Web design standards. For an example, see this set of sample guidelines I drew up in helping a major health-care concern organize its thousands of Web pages -- and to facilitate the creation of future pages. Meanwhile, those involved in designing sites for public relations should see my notes on Creating a P.R. site.

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