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Physical location

    Duboce Triangle neighborhood of San Francisco, near Church and Market Streets. Mailing address and phone number available on request.


    My e-mail address is "tom," at sign, "tgeller" followed by a period, followed by "com".

    (This appears as a graphic to foil junk mailers who use Web crawlers to collect e-mail addresses. Sad, isn't it?)

By public transit or foot

    I'm located very close to Church Street Station, served by the F, J, K, L, M, 22, and 37 Muni lines; the N line stops only a block away from there.

    Church Street Station is at the intersection of 14th, Church, and Market Streets.

By car

    Get off 101 at the Mission/Duboce exit. Continue going straight on Duboce, past the KFC. It'll end in a confusing mess on Market Street, with a Kinko's copy shop on your left. Bear left onto Market, but try to stay in the right lane, as you'll soon be bearing right onto 14th Street. I'm somewhere near there. :)

Don't trust my directions?

    I don't blame you. Try your luck instead with Yahoo! Maps.

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