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Mailing lists? Whazzat?

Lots of people have asked me to keep them informed of what I'm doing. So many, in fact, that it's become hard to track them all. Rather than miss someone -- or send broadcasts to people who don't want them -- I've instituted two announcement mailing lists for Personal and Business news. These lists are 100% opt-in: Broadcast e-mail will never be sent to anyone who doesn't explicitly subscribe to the lists via the links below.

Right after subscribing, you'll receive one confirmation note for each list you joined. Follow their instructions carefully, and you're in!

Here's some more info about the lists themselves:


    Notes about what's happening in my life: career changes, places I'm traveling (in case you want to meet!), etc. I'll try to keep it from being too maudlin, and will never post virus warnings, forwarded humor, chain letters or other Internet droppings.


    News about professional conferences, industry parties and gatherings, talks I'm organizing, and the like. Typical fields of interest include Mac OS, Linux, Free ("Open-Source") software, press relations, marketing, entrepreneurship, Internet policy, publishing, e-commerce and other areas of software business. It's a low-traffic list, typically receiving less than one post per month.


    A forum for people currently pursuing or considering legal action against spammers, and to discuss existing laws that can be used to toward this end. Information gathered from discussions here may become part of the resources at


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