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31 December 1997

    Will this madness never cease? My writing is now also in MicroTimes. My first article for that West Coast publication is about a mass-mail incident between online auction houses Onsale and eBay.

17 November 1997

    I'm pleased to report that Media Night, a co-production of Geller Consulting and the Center for Software Development, was a great success.

    Over 40 software and P.R. professionals packed the house to hear presentations from:

    We're currently planning to do another -- this one specifically geared toward game producers and promoters -- in a few months.

5 November 1997

4 September 1997

    The P.R. Chat board is now available, featuring a threaded version of "Tom's Top Tips for Reaching the High-Tech Media." (Don't fret, purists: The original text version is where it's always been.) Now, however, it's easy to start new discussions and add your own comments on how to effectively promote high-tech products.

15 August 1997

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