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10 November 1998

    Back from Atlanta, where I attended Networld+Interop, spoke at the Atlanta Linux Showcase and ISP Forum and generally had a wonderful time. And, as promised, notes from both talks are now linked via the speaking page.

30 September 1998

3 September 1998

2 August 1998

15 July 1998

30 June 1998

    Yet another speaking engagement! This one's for Macworld Expo: The Creative World in New York City. I'll be presenting "How to Buy Your Next Mac" at 1530 on Wednesday, 8 July. (For the detail-minded among you: That's session 23, Room 1E09 at Jacob Javits Convention Center.) Be there or BeOS.

20 May 1998

    The past year has been a roller coaster of activity, and a lot of it has centered around defining a focus for Geller Consulting. And let's be honest: With such a variety of services, it's hard to make any of them stand out, and the result has been some pretty muddy marketing.

    So I'm spinning off the biggest part of my consulting. The new company, Silicon Valley P.R., will launch 1 June 1998.

    In other news, I've added a page about my speaking engagements.

1 May 1998

19 April 1998

    About two dozen game developers came to my second Media Night for the Center for Software Development on Thursday, 16 April. The following editors showed them how to get good press for their products:

16 April 1998

    I'm pleased to announce the first European member of my Associates page: Mike Fellows of QuayMedia. His 20-plus years of experience in marketing makes him an excellent choice for vendors looking to move into markets outside the U.S.

15 April 1998

    Comments surrounding this site's old cover page raised a lot of issues for me. Many of them are at the heart of public relations philosophies, most notably: Is P.R. a creative art? I've published some of these thoughts, and welcome your comments. (This page also contains the graphic in question.)

5 February 1998

    In a new article, What makes a good P.R. Web site?, I look at effective Web design for P.R. professionals, using real examples by Apple, Microsoft and other firms.

20 January 1998

    As promised, the site has been completely reorganized. Please let me know what you think by sending e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page.

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