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15 December 1999

9 December 1999

    I was interviewed for a story in the San Jose Metro about furries. You never stop coming out, you know?

29 November 1999

    Believe it or not, I'm doing the nine-to-five again, this time as a Senior Account Executive for GCI Group. Score! Read the full story of how it happened.

11 November 1999

    This article from Wired News is the best overview I've seen of the peculiar Silicon Valley high-tech P.R. market. Thanks to fellow P.R. flack and antispam activist John Mozena for the link.

1 November 1999

12 October 1999

    So much has happened in the last few weeks -- where to begin? I've started a company (Pop Computers) to produce and deliver PPC-based motherboards; registered several business names, including Bandwidth P.R., Geller Communications, The OpenPPC Project and The Suespammers Project; picked up two new clients, QuArc Inc. (not launched yet) and Rockstar Studios Inc.; parted ways with past client MyOwnEmpire to focus more on "geeky" companies (my forte); and started hiring people to handle the load. I guess this means I'm making it. Scaaaaary...

2 September 1999

    Everybody hated the picture that used to be in the corner of this page (me with the big unstylish glasses), so I changed it. Nyah. I also uploaded my PGP public key for the paranoid and geeky.

1 September 1999

    The past three weeks have been insanely busy because of the explosive growth of The OpenPPC Project. Ralph Giles and I founded it after meeting through a discussion on Slashdot; as I write this, the mailing list has over 50 members and averages 17 posts a day. Write me if you're curious why it's such a big deal.

26 August 1999

    Vince Vitale, an accomplished writer for publications including PC World, MacWEEK and Legal Technology Newsletter, is now helping me out part-time.

3 August 1999

2 August 1999

    Client MyOwnEmpire launched! Go, poke around, earn shares in the company, share the magic. My username is "tom" -- use it to earn me a referral share when you register.

10 July 1999

    I've been kicking around the idea of publishing a newsletter about bulk e-mail issues, written from a pro-commerce and anti-spam perspective. Before launching into it, I want to find out whether it has a market: If you have an opinion, please respond to this market research questionnaire. Thanks!

3 July 1999

    Got back from a 10-day trip back East. It included visits to:

    • My hometown of Mount Kisco, NY, where my mother celebrated her 65th birthday
    • My old summer camp in North Salem, NY
    • Hancock, NY, due to a flat tire
    • A bar in Ithaca, NY frequented by Cornell undergraduates, followed by a night sleeping in the parking lot of the way-cool Wegmans supermarket
    • John Levine's home in Trumansburg, NY
    • Herkimer, NY, for the famous Herkimer Diamonds
    • A state park in Western Massachusetts (ooo! bears!)
    • Daniel Dern's home in Newton, MA
    • A memorable night in a Susse Chalet... nudge nudge, wink wink...
    • Anthrocon in Valley Forge, PA.
21 June 1999

    Instituted the "What Tom's been up to" rubric at the top of my home page. It's the question most often asked of me, and not always easy to anwer. Now I can just say, "Uh, I dunno, but I think my Web site does."

9 May 1999

    As you can see from the little box underneath my mug, I finally added a site-wide search engine. Let me know if you discover any bugs.

8 May 1999

15 April 1999

    Woo-hoo! It's fun to do P.R. for a company with an interesting story: journalists are quick to pick it up, and you end up looking smart. That's what's been happening with MyOwnEmpire, that soooper-secret Portal project I've been working on. See this 700-word story from the front of the S.F. Chronicle Business section.

7 April 1999

19 March 1999

18 March 1999

    Just to get you up to date: I've been doing lots of writing over the past few months, including about 30,000 words for an e-commerce site (soon to be released) and a 14,000-word manual for Adhesive Software. I'm also doing P.R. work for a sooper-secret portal project.

5 February 1999

18 January 1999

11 January 1999

10 January 1999

    I've added a way to sign up for my mailing lists via the Web. It's not pretty, but hey: My ignorance of perl is exceeded only by my ignorance of C++.

9 January 1999

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