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22 December 2000

    It's confirmed: I'll be speaking on two panels at the eCustomer Intimacy show in San Francisco, 26-28 February. See you there!
2 December 2000

    We've switched ISPs. That shouldn't cause you any problems related to my domains, but please let me know if it does. Thanks, as usual, go to Doug Muth for doing the heavy lifting.
27 November 2000

24 October 2000

    After weeks of negotiations, the marketer's lobbying group mentioned below ("Responsible Electronic Communications Alliance", or RECA) started to communicate with the outside world. Unfortunately, they only opened the door long enough to throw out a note that says "No outsiders allowed!" before slamming it shut again. Read my commentary.
20 October 2000

2 October 2000

1 October 2000

28 September 2000

    The "Responsible Electronic Communications Alliance" has gotten a lot of press lately. Here's my take on why you should be wary of the group's "antispam" claims. (Actually, there's a lot more to it than what I wrote, but it's a start.)
17 September 2000

    My main server's been down for most of the past week and, believe me, it's been hell. You can read the whole epic in a note on sysadmin Doug's site.
13 September 2000

30 August 2000

29 August 2000

18 August 2000

    I've found a home for the Burning Man festival: I'll be staying with Camp Goatrodeo. Say hi if you're in the area (at 2:30 and Throat). News flash: A front-page story in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner prominently featured Goatrodeo. Whee!
8 August 2000

7 August 2000

    The site has been rebuilt from the ground up using Server-Side Includes. It might not look all that different, but it took about 40 hours to completely renovate its internal structure. Let me know if you find anything off-kilter.
1 August 2000

10 July 2000

    I was quoted in an article in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press about home-based servers. (Yes, this Web site lives on a box in my kitchen.) Favorite passage: "In a romantic gesture, Geller recently bought his wife her own domain..." Hey, I guess I'm married! I knew I shouldn't have had all those tequila sunrises.... Update (3 August 2000): The link to the St. Paul story disappeared, but it looks like it's making the rounds on Knight-Ridder's newswire. Here's the story in the Philadelphia Inquirer. (Well, at least until they break that link.)

28 April 2000

    A few nice things happened in the past few days. First, I won a computer for beta-testing UltraDNS. Then, the D.A. dismissed the bogus prosecution I faced after being hit by a car. Finally, was named the April Employee of the Month at the San Francisco office of GCI Group through some weird clerical error. I await the painful karmic payback.

19 April 2000

11 April 2000

8 March 2000

5 March 2000

    My query about passing wind appeared at the bottom of Leah Garcik's column in the San Francisco Chronicle on 23 February. By noon, she wrote to say she'd already received over 30 responses; she ultimately got "about 100", and summarized them in her column of 28 February.

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