* Public speaking (woof!) *

"As an industry insider, Tom Geller provides an entertaining yet informative 90 minutes of professional chatting on Talk City."

-- Ilene Hoffman, leader of the MacSOS conference on Talk City

Long before I got involved in the computer industry, I did a lot of performing. I've played instruments since I was three, produced plays in high school and dropped out of college to act in a Florida production of Fiddler on the Roof. Ultimately, I'm a tremendous egoist -- what other sort of man would put a picture of himself on every page in his Web site?

So public speaking has always appealed to me, and I've always envied people who can do "the lecture circuit." Doesn't it sound like a great life? You get money, recognition, and the momentary attention of lots of people -- just for talking about what you know!

I decided to lay the groundwork to follow that dream a couple of years ago, and have since presented in a variety of venues: a list follows. If you know of any speaking opportunities in my areas of expertise, please contact me at the e-mail address below.

Upcoming (and ongoing) engagements:

Past engagements:

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