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* Notes from presentation at Netpreneur Conference, Denver, 16 June 2001 *

How to get good coverage -- without spending a fortune
Tom Geller, Geller Communications Inc.,
For the 2001 Netpreneur Conference, Denver, June 16 2001

Venues for attention

  • Media
  • Public appearances
  • Many-to-many communications
  • One-to-many communications
  • One-on-one correspondence

What draws peoples' attention?

  • Humor
  • Excitement
  • Relevance to their life
  • (Fill in the blank)

The 12 "B"s

  • Be accessible
  • Be prompt and complete
  • Be generous
  • Be friendly
  • Be honest
  • Be sympathetic
  • Be interesting
  • Be realistic
  • Be appropriate
  • Be persistent
  • Be responsive
  • Just be!

Tactics and tools

  • Web site
  • Mailing lists
  • Contact database
  • Phone, fax, paper mail
  • Traditional advertising
  • For-pay newswires (I prefer Business Wire,
Ultimately, the attention and coverage you get is limited by how interested people are in what you're doing. Public relations can only reach that limit, but it can't go beyond it.

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