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Few consultants put their prices and terms in public view. And I, afraid to buck a trend, went along with this practice for quite a while. Then I saw that someone I respect a great deal -- Heidi Roizen -- publishes her terms. I figure this is a better way to match me with qualified clients, and start us off with a clear understanding of what you'll get for your money.

I'm available through my company, Bandwidth P.R., and my base rate is $150 per hour. The following items are included at no charge:

  • An initial consultation to determine the scope and purpose of our collaboration
  • Phone, mail, and other "infrastructure" expenses
  • Costs for travel within twenty miles of my home in San Francisco. (That's south to Foster City, north to San Rafael, east to Berkeley.)
  • Time for travel to pre-arranged meetings within that range (with a minimum of two hours per event)
However, it doesn't include:

  • Travel costs outside the twenty-mile range described above
  • Time spent in consultation after our initial meeting, whether in person, by phone, by e-mail, or through other medium
  • Direct expenses, such as wire fees to distribute press releases
  • Time spent doing the work (of course :-) )
Before we get started, I'll draw up a letter of agreement that reflects what we discussed in our initial consultation; a sample letter of agreement is available.

I bill in 15-minute increments, and am very careful to charge only for time that directly benefits my clients. See this sample time sheet. If you have any questions about my terms, please ask!

By the way: I love to travel. If the project requires long-distance travel, you'll be responsible for all travel-related costs, but not for the time spent in transit.

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