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About me and words

I grew up around books and magazines; my parents, like many Jews of their generation, believed in the power of knowledge as "the one thing they can't take away from you." My father was a high school English teacher who instilled in me by his example a love for language, and above all I understood from him how important it is to get the words right.

That diligence has led me quite happily to a career in words. I enjoy using language to persuade, evoke, and describe. I like finding the tone and format that best gets the message across. And I cherish the moments when collaborators close a project I've written, confident in the knowledge that their intent has been made clear.

When you hire me as a writer, I bring to you my love of words and the experience gained from over four years as a professional wordsmith. I'm available to write or edit in the following categories:

My past work is my best recommendation: Be sure to check out writing I've done for various magazines and online enterprises in my archive of previously published writings.

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