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Tom Geller's shareware reviews for ZiffNet/Mac

(Now known as ZD Net/Mac)

These brief reviews appeared on -- God help me -- eWorld, Apple's abortive attempt at hosting a proprietary online service. I wrote them (at a rate of up to 25 per day) when I was an Associate Editor for ZiffNet/Mac, the online Macintosh arm of Ziff-Davis Publishing. Some of these texts live on in truncated form on CompuServe and ZD Net/Mac's Web-based Mac Download area.

Now it can be told: during eWorld's short but happy life, ZMac's shareware library accounted for something like 20 percent of all traffic on the service. Everyone wants something for nothing, I guess.

There are 627 reviews, broken down into 13 categories:

Ahh, you say, but those numbers don't add up to 627! A-ha, I say, that's because we sometimes re-used template texts: for example, we'd have the same basic description for each issue of a monthly publication, and only change part of it to describe what was in that particular issue. Such redundancies were cut from this collection. 627 is the number of my reviews that appeared on eWorld at one time or another.

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